No Limits & No Speed Bumps

No total size limit

No file size limit

No backup speed limit

With Shutterkeep, you can back-up all of your work. We don't limit how much data you can store in the cloud, how big each file can be, how fast you can upload or how many computers/hard drives you can protect - it's truly unlimited.

Quick & Reliable

Run a speed test to see how long your first backup will take.

You will upload approximately 10GB per day for every 1 Mbps of upload speed you have. You can choose to run Shutterkeep all day or just during specific hours. The software is smart and will be able to work through any network hiccups along the way.

Incremental backups take just seconds or minutes.

Once your initial upload is complete, typical nightly backups take just seconds or minutes and you'll get an email report every time.



Always Safe


Always double

Always and
forever archiving

Shutterkeep encrypts files before they leave your computer and are backed-up to the cloud over an SSL connection. With two layers of military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, you can be sure your data remains private.

Shutterkeep operates 13 data-centers on five continents. All are tier III and IV facilities with secure biometric access points, fire and smoke supression systems, temperature and humidity controls and 24/7 monitoring. Shutterkeep data-centers are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.

Shutterkeep makes redundant backup copies of our servers, so your data is safe and then safe again.

Shutterkeep holds your files forever. Many backup services delete files from their servers a short time after you remove them from your computer. Shutterkeep is a true archive and only you decide whether a backup is no longer needed.


Super Support

Need help setting up?

Our Shutterkeep Support team will walk you through getting started and will always be there for you in the future.
A backup is only as good as its restore!

Submit a ticket, ask a question in our forums or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.



Simple Pricing

2TB storage


$10 per month or
$100 per year
$20 per month or
$200 per year
30-day Guarantee: Your satisfaction or your money back.
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More Coming Soon

Shutterkeep is new and growing fast, stay tuned for more as it comes. You can follow us to get the latest!
Shutterkeep for Mac
Shutterkeep mobile apps
First time backups via physical drive